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Take a Selfie of Me Opening Reception

  • Maxon Mills 37 Furnace Bank Road Wassaic, NY, 12592 United States (map)

Take a Selfie of Me

Opening Reception


On September 21 we will be hosting a party for the closing of our 2019 Summer Exhibition, Ad Astra Per Aspera, and simultaneously opening Take a Selfie of Me, a six-person contemporary art exhibition installed in public spaces across the hamlets of Wassaic and Amenia.

Take a Selfie of Me plays with spectacle and with social media’s voyeuristic, performative grasp. The pieces in the show are far from didactic and do not exist to warn of the perils of surface interaction. Instead, they are real, dimensional, and exciting to engage with in-person — tempting as backdrops for selfies, but far more rewarding of private engagement.

We are grateful and incredibly excited to program outside of our walls and in our community. This show is supported and underwritten by the New York State Council on the Arts, and could not take place without the cooperation and excitement of the landowners and organizations collaborating with us throughout Wassaic and Amenia.



Saturday, September 21, 2019
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Maxon Mills
37 Furnace Bank Road
Wassaic, NY 12592



12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
International Childrens’ Puppet Workshop
Art Nest, Maxon Mills, 3rd floor

3:00 PM
Performance: Paper Heart Puppets
Art Nest, Maxon Mills, 3rd floor

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Open Studios
Luther Barn
17 Furnace Bank Road, Wassaic

3:30 PM
Artist Talk: Sarah Friedland
Wassaic Commons
3 Main St., Wassaic

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Various locations throughout Wassaic and Amenia





Sarah Friedland’s three channel video, CROWDS, hosted at Wassaic Commons in downtown Wassaic, is an immersive video installation exploring what it means to choreograph the movements of crowds. The viewer vacillates between naive and omnipotent voyeur as their familiarity with the choreography grows.

Christy Chan’s Forever is Not Forever is a six story outdoor video projection of a waterfall flowing backwards on the side of the Maxon Mills. The work is intended to be a meditation on the uncertainty of the times we live in, and our very human, but futile attempts to hold on to experiences and memories. Chan’s piece is the only piece not viewable in September and will be installed in October.


Jonathan Schippers’ installation Camp Fire of slowly colliding and crushing vehicles is a visceral exploration of intimacy, closeness, and the breaking point of all things. The central winch mimics the Big Crunch, a view that the universe stops expanding and begins a contraction inevitably destroying our temporary world and rebuilding the beginnings of time.

Jeila Gueramian’s immersive Scroonsaw installation at the Amenia Free Library continues her practice creating worlds of wonder to explore. They are at once cosmic, passionate, dark, and full of longing. The installations are constructed from familiar materials such as afghan blankets, which creates familiar points of entry, however quickly all is not what it seems and the spaces pose more questions then they are willing to provide answers.


Caroline Partamian & Ethan Primason state about their piece in the phone booth at the Lantern Inn: “The Sonic Transmission Archive is a collaborative sonic time capsule designed to perpetually collect and transmit contributions to this question: What would you choose to leave as your legacy? Join your fellow humans now and transmit your voice into the unknown.”


Map of Installations

Wassaic Web Map (1).png

Hero Image: Installation sketch by Jonathan Schipper

Earlier Event: September 21
Open Studios in September
Later Event: October 26
Open Studios in October