All our residents get 24/7 access to our screen printing shop. A fair reminder: this is a print shop in a barn. Is it homey, rustic, and charming? Yes. Is there a learning curve and potential to screw up? Also yes. Ask our Print Fellow for advice and you’ll get a print you’re happy with.

The shop is also the home base of our Print Editions Program, where we invite artists to work alongside our Print Fellow to produce original screen prints.


Summer 2019 Print Fellows

Jack Arthur Wood Jr. (b. 1990 Cincinnati, OH) is an artist and educator based in Corpus Christi, TX. Wood’s approach to image making is combination. Paint, print, drawing, collage, and found materials are laid down or exchanged like blankets responding to changes in color temperature. The reductive thinking of printmaking is his painting method, satisfying relationships are teased out through layering. Wood holds a BA from Guilford College and an MFA from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, both in Print Media. Through research and reaction Wood approaches beauty, queerness, idiosyncrasy, and the sublime. He currently holds the position of Adjunct Lecturer in Art History and Drawing at TAMU-CC and TAMUK. Wood attended the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in 2018.


Dante Migone-Ojeda is a Brooklyn-based Latinx artist. He received his BFA from Washington University and attended a residency at Arquetopia in Puebla, Mexico. He is currently completing his MFA at Columbia University, Migone-Ojeda has exhibited in shows internationally, including Feel that Other Day Running Under This One in New York City, and DRAWN (OVER) at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Serbia. He exhibited in the Public Sculpture Series in University City, Missouri, and a solo popup at GoodMother Gallery in Oakland, California. He received the LeRoy Neiman Fellowship, and curated the show 42/18 at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery.





What we have
Spray booth room with power washer
42" x 54" UV exposure box
Ulano LX 660 photo emulsion
Soy Screen Reclaimer
36" x 48" drying rack
Table with hinges
Scoop coaters, squeegees, spatulas
Flat file drawers (one per resident)
Community screens (largest is 48” x 36″)
Limited scrap ink


What you should bring
Packing tape
Masking/Scotch tape
Contact paper
Sharpie marker
Water-based ink (no plastisol/oil-based inks)
Ink retarder
Transparent base
Containers for mixing ink
Clear acetate for registration
Portfolio/cardboard for transporting prints
Anything else you normally need to make prints



Supply Recommendations


Permaset: Versatile, great for paper and textiles
Dick Blick
Speedball: Can dry out in the screen during hotter summer months — retarder is encouraged

Victory Factory


Archival cotton rag paper: Arches 88, Frenches, or Rives BFK
Dick Blick
Daniel Smith
Mr. French


Photos by Verónica González Mayoral